Photo Trip Report

South Florida Fair

Jan. 22, 2013

I won two free tickets to the South Florida Fair, so I met up with my friend JP after he got off work. The entrance we went to started with an expo center featuring U.S. presidential things, like Air Force One, a White House model and Abraham Lincoln made of sand. We took the Air Force One tour. Here's the cockpit.

We entered the midway. First stop, $7 beers. We wandered around and took in the sights first. This fair has side show attractions. We didn't go in. We bought some food. JP got a sandwich and fries, and I got fries and nachos. The trash cans in this area of the fair are terrifying. I almost didn't want to throw my food away.

After eating, we bought tickets and went to the largest coaster there, a Pinfari RC-48. This ride didn't have a name displayed anywhere, so I don't know what to call it. It didn't even have the generic name. We sat in the back seat. The shoulder harness restraints came down automatically, and we were off. The seats are really cramped. My knees hit the seat back in front of me.

Well, it's a traveling coaster. What more is there to say? I could feel every gap between the track sections, and the ride was bumpy and painful. Surprisingly, I only bumped my head once or twice in the turns. The most pain was my knees bumping into the seat back. I'm not sure they there are shoulder harnesses on this, but at least they give plenty of head room. The first drop dives to the right, and then it's just a series of turns and a few drops. Nothing too exciting. 2/10.

We went to Crazy Cat next, a Pinfari Cyclon coaster. We were seated in the front row of this Schwarzkopf Wildcat-like coaster. It was fun. The first two drops were steep and fast, and the turns are quick and unbraked. There were a few places where I thought the brakes would slow us down, but we just zipped right through. It ends with a low turn into the brakes. 4/10.

I had a few tickets to spare, so I jokingly said I would ride the giant slide. JP said I should, so I did. It was fun, especially since I didn't race anyone. I looked pretty goofy.

Earlier we passed a food stand with strange fried foods, and I wanted to waste some money there. So I ordered the $5 fried buckeyes, which are peanut butter balls. While waiting for the food to fry, I rode Bench: The Ride. After a few minutes, our buckeyes were covered in powdered sugar and chocolate syrup, and we ate. They were good, and we figured since they were mostly peanut butter, they weren't as bad as other fried foods. JP ate two, and I ate the other three. I didn't have a heart attack that night, so I was all right.

The fair was a fun getaway for a few hours on my day off. There were four or five roller coasters there (a few were kiddie rides), but I ran out of tickets and didn't want to spend another $25. But it was fun, plus I got to add two coasters to my count and eat some crazy fried food. 4/10.