February 16, 2002

We left Tucson at about midnight-thirty. We drove to Phoenix and headed to LA. When we got to LA, we stopped at Dennyís and I had a waffle with strawberries on it (mmmmmm). We arrived at SFMM at about 9:00. We parked at the bus parking lot and I got to see a side of Colossus I had never seen before. There was a big flag hanging on it and I could see the old bunny hop below the brakes. There were already a lot of people at the gates. I walked very fast to the entrance, went in the bathroom, changed, and brushed my teeth. I waited in line with my coaster buddies and we waited for the gates to open at 10:00. 10:00 finally rolled around and we worked our way to the gates. 

After getting through them, I went to a locker and put my stuff away. I then had this overwhelming urge to run to X, so I did. I sprinted past my friends and they didnít even notice me. Someone from our group pointed me out and they followed me. I arrived at the steps to the bridge to X. I waited for them, which made my running a waste of energy and time, but we were among the first to get to X. We waited in line and I read all the stats about it on that big blue board. Okay, Iím done with X for now. Read the review here.

Read my X review. It's a separate part of this trip report.

After X, we rode Dťjŗ Vu. We were only in line for about 30 minutes on this horrible capacity ride. They donít let you pick your seat, so I didnít get to ride in the very back like I wanted to. I got in row 10 on an outside seat on the left, which is what I wanted. I had no idea the cars were that close to the ones in front of them until I actually saw the ride in person. Vekoma has got some clearance issues, people. I also noticed that the upstops donít touch the rails. Bad, bad Vekoma. This rideís gonna get rough in the next few years. Anyway, we got on, and this sucker HAULS up the lift. Back, back, back, vertical. Amazing. I was facing straight down and was about to drop down a OH MY GOSH! AHHHHHH! This sucker got my stomach! AHHH! Man! What a drop! Nice Gís into the cobra roll, and the cobra roll was nice and tight. The vertical loop was good and I got thrown into the seat exiting it. The climb up the second tower was pretty neat, and the drop was good. The Gís into the loop were amazing, and we went a little slow through the cobra roll. I did not like the sudden jerk at the lift when it was going to lower us into the station. I was expecting it, so I let my chest hit the restraint, but my friend wasnít expecting that, and he got hit right in the groin. Poor guy. Dťjŗ Vu did something to me, and I felt horrible afterwards. Maybe it was the whole going backwards, but I felt bad after that ride. Face/Off didnít do anything to me. I donít know what it was, but I felt like crap after Dťjŗ Vu. I also noticed it was a little rough entering and exiting the vertical loop backwards. My 55th coaster! 6/10

They (my coaster buddies) wanted to ride Psyclone since it was right next to Dťjŗ Vu. We waited in line for about 30 minutes. I decided to give it a shot since it was retracked not too long ago. Bad idea. This ride still got my stomach, but I didnít like it too much. It was rough as ever and made me feel pretty bad after riding. Stupid Dťjŗ Vu. Note to self: bring aspirin or something next time. Oh, climbing the lift I turned around and saw those woodie trains sitting in the bone yard. 4/10

I wanted to ride Gold Rusher to settle everyoneís stomachs. I also love this ride! Itís one of my favorite rides in the park. I love it so much! Itís the best at night, but we didnít get a night ride. There was really no one in line so we waited a little less than a minute. I rode in the last train on the right side. What can I say? I love this ride! Great head-choppers and great finale. 7/10 (funny. It gets a higher rating than Dťjŗ Vu)

On to the tallest, fastest standup coaster in the world: Riddlerís Revenge.  We waited 45 minutes for this monster, but it didnít seem like a long time at all. There were four in my group so we could all get on a Beemer in the same row, so that was nice. We didnít have Fastlane so we couldnít ride in the front, which is what I wanted. Instead we chose row 2. I wanted to sit on the very left because Iíve heard the drop is good there. I was not mistaken. Great drop, great Gís into the vertical loop, but it sorta hurt my crotch. Riddler has great pacing and I love the huge oblique loop. The MCBR wasnít on very much at all, which was great, until the last car was about to exit, and thatís when I felt the brakes, but they barely grabbed it. I got a bit of airtime after the corkscrew and the helix was nice. The final corkscrew blew me away! Itís got great Gís and itís the best corkscrew I have ever been on! I totally forgot how good that last inversion was! My friend said he was ďviolatedĒ on that ride. I guess he didnít really give enough knee bending room. 7/10

Batman: The Ride. My friend likes this because heís ridden the one at SFGAm. He kept trying to insist to me that they were different, but the only difference is color. He decided to believe me now, since I am the enthusiast know-it-all. Iíve never ridden this ride in the back, so I decided to do it. Great drop, good Gís! This ride is just fun, but afterwards, I felt so horrible! Stupid Dťjŗ Vu did something to my inner ear and made me feel a bit sick after all the rides. Batman was just the worst, though. Itís a good ride, but afterwards I felt my stomach churning and some acid moved up my esophagus. Nasty. Thatís never happened to me after riding a coaster before. We all had to sit down after that. Dťjŗ Vu totally screwed us all up! Batman: 7/10

I grabbed a soft, frozen lemonade near Gold Rusher since itís tradition to get one. While waiting in line, I saw someone walk by wearing a black MF shirt. Of course I had to yell, ďYeah! Millennium Force! You rock!Ē or something along those lines. I also had on my blue MF shirt. After that, we got on the Orient Express, or as I call it, the Sloth. After that, I finished up my soft, frozen lemonade and we went on the merry go round. I love that thing. We sat in a couch the first trip, and decided to stay on for another ride. My group persuaded me to ride a horse, so I did. Some guy in front of me kept getting on and off different horses and the ride op was sorta getting mad at him since he was switching horses. At one point, the kid stepped to the inside part of the ride, the part that doesnít spin, and it freaked him out. What an idiot.

After that, I wanted to ride Canyon Blaster. I rode it and it was fun. The ride op must think Iím weird since I like it so much. 4/10

After that, I decided to try Goliath Jr, even though Iím taller than the height restriction of 54 inches. I waited in line and when I got on the loading platform, the ride op told me I was ďtoo big.Ē I tried to bribe her with a dollar and act sweet, but she didnít want to break park rules. I just wanted to up my coaster count.

They wanted to hit Goliath after we rested. We were in line for an hour to ride this sucker, the longest we waited all day. The park must not have been too crowded Saturday. I was sorta quiet in line and they wondered why I wasnít shouting stats and stuff, so I decided to go nuts! I told them the stats and how people thought it was the tallest coaster in the world, which it never was. Eventually I told them how MF took Goliathís throne of fastest and longest drop, but how SD2K dethroned MF in no time. I went on to say the stats of SD2K and all the records itís broken. That got some guy in front of me to give a very impressed look. Like heís never seen an enthusiast before . I wanted to ride in the very back since Iíve never done that on Goliath. This would be my 5th ride on Goliath and the four times before I rode in the front train. I had to ride in the back this time. I sat on the left side in the middle row of the last car. This coaster hasnít gotten my stomach in a while, but the way it tore down the drop got me. I love that feeling and Iím glad I can still get it! I kept my arms up in the tunnel, and the turnaround seemed a little faster than I remember. GREAT FLOATING AIRTIME in the camelback! Simply amazing airtime! I loved it! The brakes were on tight as usual, but in the back we get more of the drop off them. The helix seemed a little more powerful this time than last year, and I actually began graying out. Just a tiny bit, though. Right at the end of the helix, things got gray on the outside of my vision, but we exited and things got back to normal. Nice Gís, but this coaster still fails to impress me since they overbraked it. It was so much better when it first opened. Riding in back gives it an extra point. 8/10

We decided to do both woodies at SFMM. We waited for 25 minutes for Colossus. Colossus is a fun woodie and riding in the back still gets my stomach. Great drops, no airtime . There are places where it looks like youíll get airtime, but there was none. Psyclone had more air than this did. The chain grease heading up the lift smells good. They only ran one side, the right side heading up the lift, and had two train operation on that. 6/10

Thatís our day. Now on to the random notes:

After Colossus, we headed up towards Cyclone bay and Dťjŗ Vu vallied in the cobra roll! There was no one on it, so I guess they evacuated the people using those ugly stairs. There was an employee at the entrance and I asked him when it vallied and he told me, ďToday.Ē I asked him when today and he didnít know. I asked him if it would be open the next day and he didnít know. They sure tell their employees a lot, huh? That's all.

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