Photo Trip Report

July 30, 2012

After visiting SeaWorld, I headed to Six Flags Fiesta Texas. My first visit to this park was in 2007, and I was looking forward to riding Superman again. It took me about half an hour to get to the park. There was a long line of cars leading to the only open parking booth. When I was about five cars away, an employee ran out and opened a second booth, which helped. I paid the $17 and parked.

Since I'd gotten there after 4, all the main ticket booths were closed, but there were three windows open at guest relations. I tried to use a Coke can for a discount, but I was told it wouldn't count since it wasn't an official Six Flags can. That's odd. I thought Six Flags parks just took any Coke product. But my admission was only $27 because the price is reduced after 4.

I started off at Goliath, which was new to me and opened in 2008. This is a mirrored Batman clone. I was a little amused that I got to ride two Batmans in one day. This coaster only has seven rows, and I sat in the back. The G-forces are high, and the zero-G roll was fun because I wasn't used to it turning the other way. But Batmans are great coasters, and I enjoyed it. 8/10

I had a cup of ice water since it was about 99 degrees, and I brought it in line to Superman: Krypton Coaster. This coaster is best in the park and my No. 2 floorless behind Kraken. There was only one trash can in line, on the stairs, and I didn't notice it. I was still drinking my water in the station, but there was no trash can there. I had to just leave it on the floor. Annoying.

This was practically a walk-on. I waited one train before getting in the back row and sitting in the left seat. The setting of this coaster is great -- it's on the side of the cliff that surrounds the park. The first drop is amazing and really whips in the back. The loop has good hangtime, and the turn after the loop is cool and right next to the ground. The zero-G roll is probably my favorite element on floorless coasters. The cobra roll's good, though there's a slight trim brake before it. The block brake's right next to the cliff, and the turn off it is a little jarring because it banks so quickly to the right. Then it dives into the interlocking corkscrews. It's such a great coaster.

I got in line again and went right to the back seat. This time I sat on the right. The drop in that seat is crazy. It feels like there's more pull, and you're closer to the cliff than on the left. The real surprise in this seat was the zero-G roll. I was completely thrown from my seat and slammed into the restraint on the drop out of it. It was amazed.

Then I headed to Poltergeist, a crazy spaghetti bowl mess of a coaster. The wait was only about five minutes, and I went to the front seat in the last car. The cars are covered in a crazy decal advertisement, which has become the norm at Six Flags parks. This coaster's much better than Flight of Fear at Kings Island, the other of this type of coaster I've ridden. The only difference is Poltergeist doesn't have brakes, so it goes much faster through the second half. It's fun and has some good G's in places.

I wandered over to Road Runner Express, the Arrow mine train. I rode because it's a fun coaster. I love the way it twists around the canyon wall. In line, I saw an ad for another coaster manufacturer! Not really. It's hair care product. I sat in the back. What really surprised me about this was the speed of the lift hills. They must be at least 10 mph! See the video I took with my phone below:

It's a pretty fun mine train. The interaction with the terrain is really only beaten by Kings Island's Adventure Express. I wandered over to Rattler but didn't ride. The park is advertising that it's being removed or whatever's happening with it. Good riddance. I rode it once my previous visit, and it was dull, slow, rough and one of the most uninspired coasters I've ever been on.

Then I rode Bench: The Ride. I went to Superman again and noticed some poor maintenance in line. I went to the back row and sat on the left again. What a great coaster. This was also the last floorless coaster I'd been on, so it was great to ride one after such a long drought.

I was tired, and it was pretty hot and humid, so I decided to call it a day after about three hours. I'd ridden a decent number of coasters and visited two parks that day, so it was a good excursion to San Antonio.