Introduction to our Summer Trip, 2002.

June 28 - July 6, 2002

    For my family’s (my mom, brother, friend Tim Vines, and I) last summer coaster trip together, we decided to make it a big one. We chose to visit Holiday World, The Great American Amusement Park at LeSourdsville Lake, Paramount’s Kings Island, Dorney Park, and Cedar Point. Yes, that number is far less than what I thought we’d be going to, but we were pressed for time. I was satisfied, though, since I got to ride my first CCIs, visit Cedar Point again, and get my coaster count even closer to 100. We drove out of Arizona on June 25 and hit parks from June 28 to July 6. We camped at many places along the way to save money. The first place we camped at, in Amarillo, Texas, I came across this little character (the top half of one of those bobble-head-type Hawaiian hula dancer guys) that I named “Zippin’ Pippin.” Zippin’ Pippin became sort of a good luck charm or some crazy thing that I decided was going to take every single ride on a coaster with me this trip. I stashed him in my pocket and he traveled on every coaster with me safely in my pocket. He survived the trip and he’s doing just fine. This trip was one for the record books. My coaster count is now up to 75 and I’m not giving up. This was the best summer coaster trip I have ever taken and I hope there are more to come.

This is my coaster buddy, Zippin' Pippin.

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