Aug. 2, 2010

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   I was in the Oklahoma City area for the weekend, so I made a stop at Frontier City. Parking was $8, and the longest ticket I've ever seen cost me $40. The front gate, which also is a gift shop, opened at 11:30. They rope off part of the midway and entertain guests until the park opens at noon. They had a hula hoop contest and had three men do their best Elvis moves. Just before taking the rope down, there was a gunfight show. I went straight for Steel Lasso, the inverted family coaster. I was the first rider of the day and the only rider on the train. I sat in the back seat. It was pretty fun. It's just got a figure-eight, another turn and ends with a helix. 5/10.

    Then I went to Silver Bullet, which is the second Silver Bullet I've ridden. It's a Schwarzkopf Looping Star. I got in the back seat and climbed the slowest lift hill ever, which was just like when I rode Laser at Dorney Park. There's a spectacular headchopper down the first drop. The loop is pretty forceful, and the rest of the ride is a few turns, some odd banking and one spot of airtime. The banking's just odd in a couple of spots. One of them pushed me into the seat next to me because it rose up as it was still fairly heavily banked. But it doesn't detract from the ride. It's still really fun. It's also got weird water-filled supports/footers like Laser. 7/10.

    Then I went to Wildcat, which is a wooden coaster with a steel structure. It's got three-bench PTCs with individual lap bars. The seats have thick, soft padding. I sat in the back. The second and third drops dive underneath a thick covering of trees. It reminded me of Holiday World. The turnaround swooped upward and to the right. The turn after the turnaround has supports sticking above the height of the train on both sides, and I wonder if there used to be a tunnel or covering there. Then there are a couple of hops and the brakes. It stops abruptly into the brakes. On subsequent rides, I braced myself for the stop. Then it drops into a straightaway with water and fountains on the side, and it rises into a brake that leads to the station. There is no airtime, at least not in the back seat, but it's a fun ride anyway. 7/10.

    Next was a ride I was really anticipating: Eruption. I never got to ride Thrill Shot at Six Flags Magic Mountain, and this ride is not an upcharge. I got in line and waited one cycle. I noticed that the seats did not tilt, so I asked the ride operator if they could flip the switch to one of the flip programs. But she said it drains the battery and they couldn't do it. Too bad. Without the flipping, it's just a weak launch tower. Give me a  Space Shot over this. Really. The only cool things about it are being thrown over the height of the towers and the slight swaying because of the cables. There's really nothing much to say about it otherwise. I only rode once. 4/10.

    I wandered around the park and headed back through the gift shop to get to Diamond Back, the Arrow launched loop. I'd ridden another one of these at Six Flags Elitch Gardens. There's a ramp that goes halfway up to the station, then there are stairs the rest of the way. I took a picture of downtown Oklahoma City from the station. I went to the back seat. My restraint clicked down at the bottom of the drop on the forward run. There's a little bit of airtime into the second platform, but the real airtime is on the backward launch. The loop backward is a crazy sensation. It's like a boomerang without the lateral motion to bang your head. 5/10.

    I made another loop around the park and went to the train station. No train was there, so I went to Steel Lasso again. On the way there, I saw a weird sign for spoons. On Steel Lasso, people just kicked their shoes off and left them on the platform. I rode Silver Bullet and Wildcat again.

    I went to the Ferris wheel, but they didn't allow single riders. I wanted to get pictures of the park and the interstate that runs right next to it, but I couldn't because no one would ride with me. Oh well. Then I went to the Ol' '89er Express, the train. It's a Chance train. It makes a lap around the park and in a tunnel under the entrance. There are a few train crossings around the park. The driver blows the whistle, and the lights blink and bells ding at the crossings.

    It was pretty hot and humid, and the park has lots of misters around. I drank plenty of free ice water. I wandered around the park looking for stuff to do. The drop tower wasn't open. There was a minivan in the park advertising a dealer. I also found an open gate to an employee area.

    I rode Wildcat again. Then I rode Grand Carousel because I felt like it. I rode some sort of weird deer monster. I decided to head out, but not without riding Bench: The Ride.

    Frontier City is a pretty nice park. The whole place has sort of a Ghost Town at Knott's Berry Farm feel. It's got some odd rules. They didn't allow me to stand around and take pictures at the exits of Wildcat and Silver Bullet. The single- rider rule on the Ferris wheel is weird too. The park's also pretty expensive for its size. But none of that really made it a bad experience. I had a good time, and I'd visit it again if I was in the area. 7/10.

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