July 6, 2002

    We got to the park right about when it opened. We purchased our tickets and decided to hit Raptor in the back seat first.

    Raptor plain and simply rocks. We didn't have a wait at all and I love how there are no air gates on the ride to slow capacity. I won't elaborate on Raptor here, my ride review will tell all. 10/10.

    We went to Millennium Force and got our hands stamped to ride between 12 and 1.

    Mantis was our second coaster on the list. We went for the back row after waiting about 10 minutes. The drop is pretty fun, but you can feel the brakes. This ride has incredible forces into the vertical loop and the oblique loop. The finale is nice and twisted and my legs didn't hurt after this. Mantis was AZ RIDER's first stand up coaster. 6/10.

    After that, we cruised around the park to hit some rides that Tim Vines hasn't done. We went to Mean Squeak, er, Mean Streak. Yep, this coaster does squeak through a lot of the course. Tim Vines and I rode in the front while Coaster Boy rode in the back. The brakes down the drop reminded me of Hercules at Dorney Park. Those brakes made the ride crawl through every turn. I was ready to be bored out of my mind when I found out that this ride has airtime! Yes, Mean Streak has airtime! Three spots of it in the front, in fact! How insane. When that happened, I could only scream, "airtime? What?" I was flabbergasted! This woodie is not too great, though. It's really slow and lackluster. Good thing we only waited two trains. 3/10.

    Next up was Gemini. Of course there was no wait, even though they were only running the red side. As we were hopping in the last car, they opened up the blue side and we could race. The first circuit didn't work and blue was way behind on the lift hill, but the next two circuits (Yeah, I rode again. With no wait, I take advantage of it if the ride's any good.) ended up racing. I rode again in red the second time and blue the third time. In the turns I slapped hands with the opponents, which I have never done before. That was a lot of fun but my mom got a little mad since we were doing that. The only things I don't like about this ride are that it's a little rough when it hits the peaks and valleys of hills and that the red side had the trim on before the helix, allowing blue to win every time. Gemini's nice, classic fun. 6/10.

    Magnum XL-200 was next. I was a little nervous about this one because when I rode it last it was pretty rough. I got on in 20 minutes and rode in the back seat. Yep, it was rough. The trims before the turnaround suck badly. I just can't see how this thing was voted the number one roller coaster for so many years. It's not even top ten quality in my book. 5/10.

    It was time to ride Millennium Force now. With the hand stamp, we pushed ahead of an hour of traffic and got on the ride in the front seat in about 30 minutes. Good as always. Millennium Force does not let down. 10/10.

    We went to Blue Streak and waited for the back seat. Well, we didn't wait since there was only really a one-train wait. This is a fun little coaster with nice airtime. 6/10.

    We decided to watch a show after that, so we watched "Hooray for Hollywood: The Sequel." I say it was better than the first one, which we saw in 2000. I especially liked that Harpo Marx was in this one, but he sang (Harpo's character is always mute in their films).

    We split up after that and I went to ride coasters while the others went to watch karaoke and shows. I went to Wildcat, which I rode three times today. Wildcat's a lot of fun and has some really good Gs in it. No brakes are on until the very end, either. Yay! 6/10.

    I decided to give Iron Dragon a try in the back seat. One train was roped off in the back, so I had to wait five minutes. This ride is really slow, even in the back. It's a little rough, but the turns through the trees are fun and smooth. I see why they call it "Draggin' Iron." It does. 3/10.

    Next would be two rides on Power Tower down and one on PT up. Down is the scarier of the two for me since drop rides just terrify me to death. The first time on down, I was facing the inside of the ride, so I had a few towers blocking my view. The second time I was facing outward towards Maggie. It's kinda neat being that high above Magnum knowing you're going to fall all the way down. I looked straight down because I'm a freak like that and then we fell. Man, oh, man was this ever scary. I didn't hold on, either, because it's just better to do it that way. Whee! I love drop rides and this was the tallest I've ever ridden. PT down - 8/10. PT up - 6/10.

    I went to Woodstock Express after that and before I boarded, some grandmother asked if I could ride with her granddaughter who was too short. I said yes and she paid me five bucks for it! I really shouldn't have taken the cash, but she slipped it to me folded up really small and I just stashed it in my pocket. It was a fun little ride and my on ride photo was hilarious. There's this tiny girl next to me and then BAM! There's this 19-year-old psycho with this huge grin on his face. Haha! 3/10.

    After that, I went walking around and I bumped into Hector, a moderator from Thrill Network. We chatted for a while and then I let him get back to work.

    I went back to MF since I have to get two rides per day now. I was going for the front seat, but the wait was a little longer since they had the front of the yellow train roped off. Once I got in the station, they took the red train off the tracks, so the loading for the front seat decreased dramatically. I didn't want to wait one and a half hours for the front so I chose to sit in the second row. That was nice and at the end of the ride there were splattered bugs on my wrists. Awesome!

    I rode Wicked Twister again, this time in the back. This was way better than the front end. The twist backwards is truly, wicked. 7/10.

    I went to Blue Streak again and rode in the back. Same as before. Fun, airtime, blue.

    Then it was on to Disaster Transport. When I rode this back in 2000, it was horrible. It just seemed to creep through the entire ride and I was not impressed. This time around was pretty cool. After a half hour wait I got on in row four. This ride was a lot more fun this time around. There are parts where you're shrouded in total darkness only to come into this room full of lights that look like stars or something. That was pretty fun and worth a re-ride if there was no wait. 5/10.

    I had to meet the rest of my crew now, so I headed over to our meeting place by Wildcat. We sat down and watched the Summer Spectacular. I think I liked the one in 2000 more because it had coasters in it. This one was mostly patriotic September 11th stuff. Yeah, I see why they did that, but I'm sorta tired of the whole patriotism thing now. The country's back together, terrorism sucks, yadda yadda. The songs were good, though, and I like lasers and fireworks.

    This was a really good day at the park, if you ask me. We stayed until practically closing which was at midnight. This park is truly amazing and I can now safely say that I favor Cedar Point over Six Flags Magic Mountain. Maybe it's the atmosphere. Maybe it's the plethora of rides (CP has about eight billion flat rides to SFMM's three or four). Maybe it's the roller coasters. Either way, I like Cedar Point more than SFMM. The employees seem happier, too. They've also got really good cheese fries!

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