As of this writing, Voyage is the best roller coaster I've ever been on. By far. It's huge (163 feet tall), fast (67 mph) and long (6,442 feet long). It uses the hilly terrain extremely well and never lets up. Every hill, drop, turn and tunnel holds a surprise. The airtime is intense and some of the best I've experienced. Voyage kicks into high gear right away and does not let up until the very end.

    The walk from Holiday World's entrance to Voyage is a voyage in itself. The station is situated in a low-lying area of the property, and the rest of the ride soars over hills and dives underground numerous times. Upon getting in line, you're met with a queue fly-by as the ride twists over the lift hill and drops down below the station level. There's a view of another twisted hill, tunnel and turn into the final brakes.

    Peeking to the right of the massive lift hill, you can see a high-banked turn and a ground-level turn before it. Beyond the lift hill is a camelback and a hill with a slight turn to the left. And that's all you can see. The rest of this amazing work is hidden under trees, behind hills, underground and beneath the support structure.

    But that's enough of that. This is why Voyage is the best coaster out there:

    The Voyage begins with a quick S-bend drop out of the station to the lift hill. The lift is fast, and you're at the top in no time. Ahead, you can see the hilly terrain, the next two hills and nothing else. And the ride takes off.

    You soar down the steep 66-degree first drop and are thrown out of your seat for the first moment of intense airtime. The next hill features more sweet airtime and a second drop of more than 100 feet. The third hill turns slightly to the left and drops into the first tunnel. More amazing airtime.

    After three massive drops, you fly out of the tunnel, make a quick turn to the right and drop into another tunnel. The ride soars into another big hill, which ends up having the most surprising drop on the coaster. You drop into a third tunnel, and the drop angle is steeper than I expected. Each ride was just as surprising as the last in this drop.

    The ride banks heavily and turns to the left, levels out and drops to the right in the first of many noninverted corkscrewlike hills. The track levels out only to drop again and bank to the left into the spaghetti bowl turnaround. This is the best turnaround on a coaster.

    A swooping left turn finishes with a small banked hop, which is followed by a turn banked the wrong way. Yes. The ride turns ever so slightly to the right, but the track is banked to the left. Both banked spots deliver quick bursts of air. The track banks 90 degrees to the left and turns, dives underneath the entrance to the turnaround and quickly tears into another 90-degree-banked turn, this time to the right. Then it's another quick leveling out and a drop underground to the left. Even more airtime.

    Time for a breather. We enter the block brakes, which are only about 5 to 10 feet above the ground. Why mention that? Because we're about to drop 100 feet in elevation to the final brakes. But that's another minute away. Now the ride begins the best return trip on a coaster. It's totally out of control, filled with airtime and lateral G-forces, and the speed never lets up.

    Off the block brake is a triple-down that delivers three jolts of intense airtime. And it's all done underground. The third drop in the triple-down delivers some of the best airtime on the ride, and it's another totally surprising drop. The first two drops are quick and not too steep, but the third drop is in total darkness and much steeper. What a way to end an amazing element.

    Two bunny hops deliver great airtime and headchoppers underneath the structure. Then comes my favorite bunny hop on the ride. An oddly shaped hill banks to the left when going up, banks to the right at the top, banks to the left on the way down and banks to the right when exiting. The airtime lifts you high out of your seat, and the quick changes in banking move the seat around under you. This design is extraordinary.

    The track makes another bunny hop, this time to the right and under the structure. Do I even need to say there's more airtime here? That's followed by a bank to the left, a tiny pop of airtime under the structure and the third 90-degree-banked turn. This highly banked turn swings to the right of the lift hill, then you're taken under the structure again. Up and down, left and right, airtime, airtime, airtime; that's all the return run is. And it's perfect.

    The track banks to the left and hugs the ground before it flies into another twisted hill, this time over the beginning of the lift hill. More airtime. Then a dive to the right just next to the station and the underground queue. There's a grate above us, but it acts like another tunnel. The last hill on the ride is a twisted hill banking to the right then the left. Of course, it's got great airtime. We bank to the left in a ground-hugging swing to the left and then underneath the midway leading to Voyage. That's tunnel No. 7.

    The track banks to the right and enters the final turn into the brakes. The turn begins at ground level but quickly rises up into the brakes, which are entered at high speed. The ride's over. My heart's pounding. Was I really out of my seat for more than 20 seconds? It sure felt like it.

    Voyage is the single greatest roller coaster ever built. It's got the most airtime I've experiences on a coaster, and every part of it is masterfully engineered to have the best elements imaginable. The best airtime, the best tunnels, the best drops, the best bunny hops, the best turnaround and the best return run on an out and back. Simply the best. No other coaster can match it. Voyage is so good, it might as well be my No. 1, 2 and 3 coaster. It's better than any wood coaster. It's better than any steel coaster. It's just the best.

    Holiday World aimed high and set the bar when it comes to coaster perfection. I can really only sum up Voyage in three words: Best. Coaster. Ever.

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