While walking through Dorney Park, you may notice this strange white tower over by Laser. This freak is called the Skyscraper. It has an arm that reaches 160 feet into the heavens and is capable of flinging riders at 60 miles per hour while putting 4.5 Gs on their bodies. To put that into focus, that's the speed cars travel on some highways and that's 4 and a half times the amount of gravity you're feeling right now. Those are some mighty impressive stats. What's even more impressive? The only things holding you in are your seat and two straps across your shoulders. Terrified yet? Wait until you learn how much you have to pay (just kidding).

    Yes, this is a pay-as-you-go attraction, but it's well worth eating your dollars. For the best ride, my riding partner and I chose to ride at night. We rode during the day, but we knew a night ride would have to be done. We're told to put all our loose articles in a bin before boarding and to take off our loose fitting shoes. We sit down and the ride operators strap us in tightly, and that's a good thing. We're about to be flipped four times backwards and four and a half times forwards.

    The loading platform lowers and you're on your way. The ride begins with a slow ascent forwards, but gains speed very quickly near the top. At the top you're still upright, but once you head back down, the seat rotates and you flip head-over-heels in a 360 degree flip. You're upright again at the bottom of the structure where you're pulling those 4.5 Gs. You can really feel it, too, but it's only for a split second. Back up you go and you tilt back on the way up. Your back is to the ground, your head is facing the heavens and you flip over on the way down. We've got two more of those coming and the ride just seems to get faster and faster.

    After the fourth flip, we begin to slow and we make our way to the very top of the ride. We're crouched 160 feet above the Earth and we get extraordinary views of Dorney Park. They held us up there for a really long time, it must have been at least three minutes so we could soak in the views of the park at night.

    Before we know it, we're tumbling forwards. The first drop isn't too bad since we stay level. We pull some great Gs at the bottom and head skyward. Right before we hit the peak our vehicle flips forward so we're forced to look straight down at the ground. We face forward for a long time and as the arm swings us forward, we flip over and level out at the bottom so those sweet Gs aren't being put on our heads. We go through three more of these flips that I can only compare to the first drop of X at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Skyscraper is definitely the best flat ride that I have ever ridden and it is well worth the extra bucks. Heck, sitting at the top of the tower for a few minutes is a thrill in itself knowing that you're going to be falling face first from that height! What a rush!


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