What do you get when you cross CCI, The Beast, enthusiasts' wants and needs, and a little bit of love? You get The Legend. While waiting in line, you'll see the train fall down the drop. You hear the pleasant noise of a woodie traversing the track, but at the bottom of the drop, when the train is out of site for all, you hear this monster roar. Did it explode? Is there dynamite at the bottom of that drop? What was that boom? Questions like that fly through your mind. Why did it make that booming noise as it disappeared?

    Enter the loading station. To enjoy this ride the most, we go to the rear of the train. Seatbelts on (we'll need them), lap bars down, all clear, and we're out of here. A dip and a turn to the right lead to the ride's lift hill. We clear the tree line but still have a way to climb. Finally, we make it to the top. The front cars dip down, turn to the right and begin their descent down the drop. You're still turning, but before you know it, you're out of your seat and screaming down the first drop. This could possibly be the greatest drop of a wooden roller coaster ever. The drop twists to the left and we fall into a tunnel. Oh, that's what that boom was. No, not heads hitting the tunnel. Little fiends called sound waves bounce around in that dark tunnel and create that booming noise to intimidate would-be riders.

    A big camelback is next. After that, we soar up another huge hill and tilt to the right. I can't describe how big this drop looks, but it looks BIG. We fall down and enter a banked section that is sure to give us big laterals. After slamming into your riding partner or the side of the seat, depending on where you're sitting, it's up into another hill and down into a tunnel. This is where the headless horseman strikes. Duck! Yeah, there's enough clearance, but it doesn't seem like much at all. The next element is the element we know is modeled after The Beast: A double helix with tunnels on the lower portions.

    We climb yet another monstrous hill and dive into a tunnel. We bank, though not enough to rid us of those sweet, sweet lateral Gs. Yes, yes! You scream, but it won't help. You're going to be smashed to your left whether you like it or not, folks. Up into the top of the helix we go, ready to fly down into the lower portion of the helix that will make you cringe with excitement. Or maybe you're cringing from the lateral G's. Hold your arms up. Go ahead. Try it. The arms will go up, but your body will not stay there. You keep going to the left until you're the farthest to the left you're gonna go...and there's still more turning to do! Ahhhh! Just when you're about to release and let the laterals take over and throw you into the forest, we straighten out and go up a bit.

    A quick turn to the left is met with a turn to the right. My friends, if these elements could be compared to the human body, these things flow together smoother than our own vertebrae do. We rise again and turn left. We drop as we're now parallel to the station but traveling the completely opposite way we entered. How can we get back into the station? The answer is simple: a rising turn to the right packed with lateral Gs followed by a drop into the brakes.

    We sit there astounded. This ride could not have been that good, could it? No. It was even better. Those brakes we just hit were the only brakes along the entire course, too. Yep, Legend is a pure speed demon. There is no question as to how we could outrun the headless horseman. He's long gone, baby. The Legend reins supreme at Holiday World. Many people say that Superman: Ride of Steel at Six Flags New England is coaster perfection. Maybe in the steel category, but The Legend is wooden coaster perfection. If CCI can top this coaster, you can guarantee that I'll be there riding that masterpiece. Oh, one piece of advice while riding The Legend: Don't Look Back!


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