I last rode The Beast in 2000. It blew me away and it has the best finale on a wooden coaster I have ever been on. The Beast easily became my number one woodie and nothing had even come close to it until I visited Holiday World and rode Legend. Until now I had only ridden The Beast in the daytime. When I came back from my trip in 2000, people on the Internet told me about Beast at night and I was very mad at myself for not getting a ride at night. I had to wait two years for another ride on Beast and this time I was going to ride at night.

    Nothing, and I mean nothing could have prepared me for the sheer awesomeness of this ride. I don't even think "awesomeness" is a word, but that doesn't matter. Words cannot describe The Beast at night. You simply must go to Paramount's Kings Island and ride this sucker at night in the back. It's so good, it moved up a spot on my top five list as my new number four roller coaster. While I was waiting in line, I was really giddy hearing riders coming back applauding Beast. They don't do that in the day, ladies and gents.

    Go for the back seat. This just is not a ride anywhere but there. I sat down in the last row in the last car on the right side. I pulled my lap bar down, the all clear was given, the brakes release and we are outta here. We make a wide turn to the right out of the station and then a turn to the left to connect to the lift. We slowly creep up the lift. Slow, slow, slow. It seems to take over two minutes to climb to the top. This was some of the best anticipation I had ever had on a coaster. Out to the left we can see Vortex. To the right we see Tomb Raider: The Ride's building. Ahead of us, we see nothing.

    Up and over the crest of the lift we go. Down and into the tunnel.  We're covered in pitch darkness and we're going faster than this coaster has ever gone now that there are no brakes down the drop. We bank to the left and make a turn into a nice hill. The lateral Gs are not minimal in that turn; we think our bodies are going to be flung out into the woods, but thankfully we're safely tucked into those seats.

    We head into this hill with minimal braking from the new magnetic brakes. Down into a drop in a ravine we go. Trees are on either side of us, but we can't see them. We head up a bit and into the brake shed. We're greeted by a long downhill straightaway in which we keep going faster and faster. A small tug with the brakes at the end of the shed slow us, but don't stop this Beast. A big, long downhill slide to the right is followed and we go supersonic speed into the darkest part of the ride.

    This long, turning tunnel is possibly the coolest part of the ride before the second lift. We bank to the left and turn. Before you know it, you can't see anything and you're going faster and faster and the ride is earsplitting. It seems to get darker, but it can't get any darker than this. We keep on turning and the lateral Gs get stronger and stronger. "Don't stop! Don't stop!" We hear screams inside our heads. Yes, this ride is that good. Hang on; this Beast is not done yet. We've still got a long way to go.

    Out of the tunnel even more darkness and this mysterious thick mist greet us. We are at the lowest part of the ride now and we're not going to get much faster than this. A turn to the right, another hill, a small turn, and another hill pass us by like nobody's business. We've encountered the second lift hill, which is running at the normal speed. Go ahead, turn around and look at what you just covered. You can see the final turn you just made. Or can you? A small light shows some of the track, but the mist is thick and you can only see this orange glow and what appears to be the track you were just on moments before. The lift slows down a bit at the top and we crawl over a turn to the left. Brace yourself and keep those hands down, we're about to enter the most mind-numbing portion of the ride. It's also the best finale on a coaster I have ever been on.

    The track banks to the left way up there and we pick up intense speed. You're sure the ride is not going to turn in the helix, but rather it's going to keep going straight and plow into the ground. Yes, it's going that fast. We safely begin our turn and slam to the right. Before you know it, you're out of the lowest part of the helix because it's flying at an incredible speed. You get into a lesser-banked portion of the helix that's higher up, but you do not lose the laterals. Keep your hands down and try to keep your head inside the car because you don't want to slam into anything. Don't worry, you're totally safe, but you won't feel like it. The lateral Gs keep getting higher as you're pressed into the side of your seat. Arrrg!

    Just when you think your ribs are about to give up and let The Beast win, we stop the insane turning and make a nice drop. A gentle rise passes under us quickly and we hit the final brakes. This review certainly did not do this monster justice. The Beast just has to be experienced at night in the back. It's killer. The mist and the minimal lighting are awesome touches to this amazing ride. This was the way The Beast is supposed to be experienced. At the beginning of this review I mentioned how Legend may have passed The Beast as my number one woodie. This night ride totally redeemed itself. The Beast is by far my favorite wooden roller coaster ever!

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