I tried my hardest not to hype myself up for this coaster, but I couldnít help it. I didnít want to over hype it in case it was a let down. The on ride videos that I have didnít help, either. X looked simply amazing and I followed construction and everything for over a year. Today was my day. I was going to ride it and see if anything could give my Millennium Force a run for its money. 

    I had to ride up front so I could get the full drop unobstructed. I rode on the outside car on the right side (facing upright in the seats). I love the restraints. Theyíre so comfortable and there is no way to have head banging on them! They even adjust to your height! Oh, X is so much bigger in real life. Iíve seen pictures and videos and everything and nothing can prepare you for the sheer size of this thing. The supports are beautiful and huge and the trains are freaking monstrous!

    I only waited for 45 minutes for X, so that was great. I was so hyped for this ride my foot was tapping and I couldnít stop that. I was constantly moving around in line and I couldnít stop. I was so psyched! I was going to ride X and this would be the earliest in the year I have ever ridden a coaster! Anyway, I was in the seat all locked up and ready to fly! Tilting back in the station scared my coaster buddy, Chris. 

    We flew out of the station and began up the lift. I love the view! Wow! I saw Dťjŗ Vu and everything! It was simply stunning. Then I started to get a bit nervous, but no one would know since I was screaming and saying stuff the whole trip up the lift. We made it to the top, and the seats tilted back. Then you face forward and prepare for the weirdest sensation on a drop EVER! OHMYGOSH OHMYGOSH! It was simply amazing! Give me the drop alone and Iím satisfied. Wow. The flip at the base totally did my stomach in and I was giggling like a schoolgirl. At the top of the raven turn, we titled forward and that got my stomach, too! Amazing! The bunny hop upside down was simply amazing, too! Airtime upside down? Who woulda thought of that idea? Arrow Dynamics, I salute you! Wait, the rideís not even over and Iím saluting Arrow? There is something wrong with that! No there isnít. It simply means that this coaster is unimaginable! 

    X is the greatest invention in the coaster industry since the steel coaster, the inversion, and possibly the coaster itself. The twisting front flip is one of the most disorienting elements on a coaster ever. The second raven turn was incredible and the ďside-choppersĒ are great. Wow. I donít know what to say about X. I think Iím in love. Wait, I take it back. I am in love! Wait! The rideís not over yet! The second twisting flip was extremely insane! It was much tighter than the first one and there were supports all over the place. I truly had no idea where I was or what I was riding at that point. Then we hit the brakes. Nice stop, nice and quiet. Magnets are truly the best brakes out there, people. 

    X. Thatís all I have to say. Wait, no it isnít. Lying back in the brakes I screamed, ďThis is better than Millennium Force! Yeah, baby! I love X! I got me some X! YEAH!!!Ē Holy crap that ride was insane! Great Gís, great flips, nothing bad about it. Sure, itís short, but who cares? The ride is packed so full of stuff there is nothing bad about anything on X! In short: thereís wacky. Thereís crazy. Thereís insane. Thereís ludicrous. Thereís what the heck have I gotten myself into! Iím gonna die! And then thereís X. Words cannot describe it. Arrow and SFMM really dropped the bomb with this ride. I hope more are built so other people can ride something this Xtraordinary! I have got to do this again. And I will. Spring break is coming soon and I will ride X again. Next time itíll be in the back. X was my 54th coaster, too.

    I am amazed. X dethroned Millennium Force. Wow.

    I was asked to describe X in a single word. The word: OhmygoshwhathaveIgottenmyselfintothisisthescariest thingintheworldhelpmeIamgoingtodieAHHHH!!!

    Wow. X was amazing. I can't stop thinking about it. Here's some advice: get out to SFMM and ride this engineering masterpiece. It is simply the most amazing work of machine and art that has ever been made.


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