About Me

    Alex is the Web master, photographer and trip report writer for Photo Trip Report. He enjoys roller coasters and amusement parks immensely. He began riding coasters in 1999 and has been to several large amusement parks. To see the amusement parks he's visited and roller coasters and rides he has ridden, click here. Over the summers of 2003, 2004 and 2005, he worked as a sweep at Cedar Point and posted numerous photos of the park. He makes trips to amusement parks whenever possible and takes numerous pictures on the trips. The pictures are then added to his lengthy trip reports to add flavor. He has fun working on Photo Trip Report and can't wait to add another trip report or ride review!

His favorite roller coasters are listed below:

Steel Wooden
1. X 1. Voyage
2. Raptor 2. Legend
3. Phantom's Revenge 3. Thunderhead