The Put-In-Bay trip

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Before leaving; Josh's apartment

Julie with the yucka
Colleen drinking the yucka
Alex with his hot dog pants around his ankles
Galen and Ivona
Celina and Tom
Alex with his pants on his head
Tom, J-Train and Tim

Heading to the island

Entrance to our boat, the Jet Express
Katie, Adena and Julie on board
Tim, Jody and Karl
Celina sleeping
Tim throws out some potato chips in Tom's absence
Our driver
Colleen, Katie and Feco
Getting closer to the island! There's the Perry Memorial
Tim and Chris
The Perry Memorial closer

On the island

Celina, still napping
A cannon
Liz swinging
Everyone's resting
Galen naps
Tim wearing a pirate hat and fez
Julie and Adena with crazy hats
An awesome lemonade drink
Westside Steve
Adena wore that hat all day
My moped
Tim, Alex, Julie and Adena
Julie on her moped
The dog at the golf cart and moped rental place
Adena and that hat
A Jell-O shot in the world's longest bar
Julie, Adena and Alex doing Jell-O shots
Adena putting her hat on an old woman
Golf cart chase
Colleen with a bucket on her head
Tim wearing Adena's hat
The creepy Santa in the Fishbowl
Adena and Julie
Julie and Colleen
Alex and Santa
In another bar, we put Tim's sunglasses in cups
The Perry Memorial up close
Put-In-Bay from the top of the memorial
300 feet down
Downtown Put-In-Bay
Adena and Julie with a ranger
Chris and Tim wait in the golf cart
Alex on his moped
The best form of transportation ever
Adena and Julie riding in the back of Chris' and Tim's golf cart

Heading home

Sleepy Josh
Perry Monument
Josh and Andrea
Josh, Andrea and Adam
Marblehead lighthouse and the setting sun

Back on land

Our boat
A sign we misread
A dead fish

Photo Trip Report | Cedar Point '05