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Hotel Breakers

Breakers turned 100 this season
Chris sits in the Hotel Breakers lobby
Breakers lobby
Breakers lobby from the second floor
Part of the rotunda
Breakers Tower
Hallway in Breakers Tower
The 10th floor
Breakers East
From the boardwalk
Breakers Tower
Breakers East from the beach

New for 2005: maXair

Swinging by at night
Above the control booth
Full of riders
The lights under the vehicle lit up the midway
The midway
Sitting quietly
Swinging over the strobe lights
The top of the swing
It towers next to Kiddy Kingdom
Over the fountain
Full swing from the side
An above view
With the setting sun's light on it
The midway from Sky Ride
maXair before 7 a.m.
The short queue

Across the lake

Breakwater Cafe
The lake from Breakwater
Sandusky from under Millennium Force's first turn
Mean Streak
Mean Streak
Two Intamin giants and Power Tower
Top Thrill Dragster
Millennium Force
Mean Streak
Part of the skyline
Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster
Sandcastle Suites

Fireworks on July 4

They set them up on the beach
They appear to explode over Wicked Twister
And Giant Wheel
The show was spectacular this year
We got to watch from Wardrobe
The finale was really good
It was all timed to music played in the park

Photo Trip Report | Cedar Point '05