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Albert, the dormant train
Albert again
At night
Arcade at night
The west entrance to the ballroom
The beach and a swimming pool
Beach gate
Frontier Trail blacksmith
The boardwalk
The boardwalk from the other side
Blue Streak
Blue Streak after the turnaround
A maintenance worker inspecting Blue Streak
The last drop
An empty train
A train full of riders
A truck parked outside Blue Streak's station before the park opens
Blue Streak's lift hill about 7 a.m.
A webcam
The causeway crowded on a Saturday
The end of the causeway on a Saturday
Cedar Creek Mine Ride's sign
Cedar Creek Mine Ride's train
Chaos at night
The underside of Chaos
Chaos was taken apart during the season
A seat
The ride
Sitting on blocks
The Corkscrew midway
Corkscrew exiting the loop
Corkscrew's corkscrews
Demon Drop falling
At the top
The beginning of the drop
Divers in "Extreme Splash 2005"
Two more divers
Setting up the dog house
More panels to put up
Inside Disaster Transport's queue
Fort Sandusky
The midway fountain before the park opens
The fountain at dusk
Frontier Trail at night
The new games area at night
During the day
Midway games
Giant Wheel
Giant Wheel at night
Giant Wheel from the Aquatic Stadium
Giant Wheel from the entrance
A grooming guidelines sign
Setting up for Halloweekends
Height signs were placed at every entrance
Super Himalaya
Two men from Huss take pictures of maXair
A sign pointing to "Snoopy's Summer Vacation"
Iron Dragon
Johnny Rockets
Kiddy Kingdom
Kiddy Kingdom sign
Kiddy Kingdom at night
The laser screen
The new break area stands on what used to be Lotsapalooza
Inside the air-conditioned break area
Magnum's second hill and Soak City
Magnum at sunset
Magnum's turnaround
Mantis from Breakers Tower
Mantis' high turn
The loop
The corkscrew
Loop again
Dive loop
At the bottom of the drop
Mantis looks like a bird. See it?
Mantis' sign
Millennium Force
The first drop
Stopped on the lift hill (note maintenance lift)
The first two hills
The last turn
Through the track
Millennium Force sign
From near Famous Dave's
The lift hill
Dropping at night
The third hill
Main midway
Midway near the marina entrance
Main midway
A stain on the midway after cleaning up the worst mess of my life
Mr. Potato
Mean Streak's lift hill
Third drop
Mean Streak
Mean Streak as the sun sets
Mean Streak from a pier
The big turn at night
A model of Mean Streak in Town Hall
Ocean Motion
Peanuts Express in Peanuts Playground|
Pigs in at Pet Farm
A goat at Pet Farm
The pier Famous Dave's is on
Park Services office
Point Pavilion
Power Tower
From the Good Time Theatre
With storm clouds looming
Public restroom
Before the last corkscrew
First drop
Bottom of the first drop
Zooming by at 57 mph
The last inversion
First drop as the sun sets
Raptor and Blue Streak
Cobra roll before 7 a.m.
Raptor's lift hill and the Game Day Grille before 7 a.m.
Red Garter Saloon
A new railroad crossing sign
Sandcastle Suites
Inside Centennial Theatre before "Livin' in America"
After the show
A new sign outside the Coral Courtyard
Signs outside Kiddieland Refreshments
Signs outside the main entrance
Sky Ride's new lights
Space Spiral
Snake River Falls
Soaking people on the bridge
New signs on the air gates in coaster stations
"Snoopy's Summer Spectacular" finale
Thunder Canyon
Trail's End
Coyote Cody
Dastardly Dan
The main midway train station
Troika at night
Troika from Giant Wheel
Top Thrill Dragster above the lagoon
At sunset
121 mph
Blurring by
At the very top
With the maintenance lights on
Everyone takes this picture
Top Thrill Dragster midway
The crowded midway
Sir Rub-A-Dub's Tubs
Wave Swinger
Wildcat stopped in that upward brake as a maintenance worker prepares to send it off
The helix finale
Witches Wheel
Wicked Twister from the beach
Do not enter
The station
Both twisting towers from afar
The back tower
Leveling out
From the Aquatic Stadium
The fastest launch on the ride
So fast
Vertical drop
Nearly to the top
Speeding by
White Water Landing's drop

Photo Trip Report | Cedar Point '05