Fun times

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Alex locked up on the Frontier Trail
Wrong way, stupid!
Alex acting like an idiot
Alex finds trash everywhere
Alex during karaoke
Christy during karaoke
Jen during karaoke
A baby bird that fell out of its nest in Kiddy Kingdom
Chris attacking Christy
Chris leaving Christy to die
Chris playing "Dance Dance Revolution"
Chris ready to attack Jen
Sitting on her
Chris running away
Taking a nap at Hotel Breakers
Christy making a crazy face
Another face
Chris attacking Christy again
Christy dancing
Dancing in the parking lot
Christy, Lucy and Jen
The Michals attack Christy
Christy before riding RipCord
Christy outside Coasters Drive-In with a shake
George outside Coasters Drive-In
Chris waving near Breakwater Cafe
What a dustpan can do to you
Dave, Alex and Tom in Famous Dave's
Marcie's dog
Doug bowling
Tom's retired dustpan
A stuffed toy retiring Amanda's dustpan
It even has a tiny dustpan
George on Giant Wheel
Christy on Grand Prix
Chris at Challenge Golf
A hard swing
A seagull that looks really stupid
Jen falling in some bushes
Adam and Jennie
George and Ericka cleaning lanterns
Christy's locked out of her car
These horrible stickers were everywhere
A dumb error at a Sandusky Register stand
Mr. Skyward
Team sweeping
Tim and a chicken
Police talk to a guest after he apparently unbuckled his seatbelt on Millennium Force
The park from the lakeside at the beginning of the causeway

Big Bash

John Hildebrandt and a manager
Karl getting dunked

Tom and Alex get haircuts

Celina starts on Tom
Tom doesn't like it
Keep going
The mess on the ground
She starts on Alex
He's indifferent
And he's losing his mind
The end result
How much was removed
Into the hallway it goes

'Hello? Foto?'

Alex went nuts and took pictures with friends and strangers.

A ride host
Christian, our manager
A Raptor ride host
Confused games

Photo Trip Report | Cedar Point '05