Top Thrill Dragster statistics
Height 420'
Drop 400'
Angle of ascent 90
Angle of descent 90
Speed 120 mph
Length 2,800'
Capacity (PPH) 1,500
Designer Intamin
Opened 2003

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!  Are you ready for some speed?  We've got 120 miles per hour!  Are you ready to get vertical?  We've got 420 feet!  Are you ready for the highest and fastest coaster in the world?  Are you ready for Top Thrill Dragster?!

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Check out the pictures below!

The massive tower Leveling out It's much taller than Gemini (nearly 300 feet)
The tower from the left It's a photo finish! The green train launching
From the resort entrance The tower and ride sign Dragster is open today sign
The sign at the entrance Blast off! From the lagoon
A launching train Blurring by The countdown lights on the tower
Climbing the hill Almost over the top Top Thrill Dragster and Power Tower
Dropping That's 420 feet, folks Heading up the incline
The 270 spiral Falling from a distance Dragster and its sign at night
Smiling faces during a launch Over the trees Smoke effects
From inside the queue line Dragster trains
120 miles per hour! It's just so tall!
The twist closer A wheel on the ride

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