Raptor statistics
Height 137'
Drop 119'
Angle of drop 45
Speed 57
Length 3,790
Inversions 6
Capacity (PPH) 1,800
Designer B&M
Opened 1994

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Check out the pictures below!

The lift hill The ride's layout The cobra roll from another angle
The vertical loop Below the first drop Dropping out of the brakes (1600 x 1200)
Kick the sky! Smiling faces exiting the loop The awesome finale
The 100-foot-tall loop The amazing cobra roll Alex, Julie, Tom and Tim Vines' last ride
The loop again Cobra roll (1600 x 1200) Alex's 200th ride!
And again Cobra roll again (1600 x 1200) Alex Rules the Sky
One more time Zero G roll (1600 x 1200) "Raptor" Alex
OK.  Once more couldn't hurt! The corkscrew at night This guy has problems
The zero-G roll The cobra roll at night
Hey, we're upside-down It's so beautiful at night
The first drop from Space Spiral Can't get enough of that zero G

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