Millennium Force statistics
Height 310'
Drop 300'
Angle of drop 80
Speed 93 mph
Length 6,595'
Capacity (PPH) 1,600
Designer Intamin
Opened 2000

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Check out the pictures below!

The massive lift hill The bunny hop From Space Spiral
The lift hill from outside the park Heading into the second tunnel Climbing the third hill
The best steel coaster in the world The third hill Just as the sun sets
The first drop More airtime Directly below the lift hill
Speeding into the brakes Below the island hills The island hills over the lagoon
Airtime! A train in the last overbanked turn From the shore
The first drop from the front The lift hill The third hill
The final overbanked turn The lift hill again From the parking lot
Cresting the lift hill The second overbanked turn From the parking lot (1600 x 1200)
The first and second hills The first overbanked turn

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